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How to stop hair loss? Brahmi and other remedies for thinning hair

There are various causes of hair loss. It is not always the result of stress, hormones, pharmaceuticals or past diseases. It often happens that hair falls out due to improper hair care and poorly matched products that contain controversial ingredients: parabens, silicones, drying alcohols, oil derivatives, substances like SLS or SLES. Regular hair colouring, bleaching, using flat irons, excessive exposure to the sunlight, frost or hot airflow of a dryer also contribute to hair loss and damage. All these things weaken the vital part of your hair – the bulb. Hair bulbs determine the condition and structure of your hair. If they deteriorate, your hair stops growing, it falls out and the bulb is too ‘tired’ to produce new, strong hair.

That is why, there is no balm, conditioner or mask that would stop hair loss. The substance must be dedicated for scalp use if it is supposed to help. Hair no longer falls out if you affect the scalp and hair bulbs in a direct way. While looking for anti-hair loss products, you should turn to natural oils and Indian herbs e.g. brahmi.

Brahmi is a small shrub grown in India and Latin America. It has been extremely important and valued for hundred of years in Indian medicine (Ayurveda). It has healing properties: enhances the work of the brain and lifts the mood. What is more, it creates an amazing maceration with natural oils: it becomes a strong product that prevents hair loss and reinforces hair bulbs. Brahmi increases blood flow to your scalp thus improves the absorption of natural substances (included e.g. in oils) and makes the scalp clean, free of excessive sebum and dandruff. One must also remember that brahmi has a direct influence on the condition of hair bulbs that – firmly rooted in follicles – become more resistant to falling out.

As a result, producers of anti-hair loss cosmetics like to enrich their products with brahmi powder. However, we should not limit ourselves to the unique properties of brahmi while taking care of hair and hair bulbs. The cosmetic market is abounding in lots of products that reinforce bulbs and hinder hair loss. Here is the list of the most interesting and effective ones:


The most effective anti-hair loss oil that strengthens hair bulbs and boosts body. Apart from top-quality, cold-pressed, natural oils matching hair type (NANOIL comes in 3 versions for different hair structure), the product contains ingredients for hair growth and anti-hair loss. As a result, NANOIL Hair Oil prevents falling out, inhibits baldness and – what is more important – stimulates hair bulbs to work. Hair restores its shine, strength and power in just 30 days. NANOIL Hair Oil also includes an array of conditioning, beautifying and repairing substances. Its deficit makes the strands extremely weak and prone to damage. These are: lanolin, keratin, liquid silk, vitamins A and E, UV filter.

Khadi – anti-hair loss oil

khadi-vitalising-hair-oilThe product stops hair loss, conditions the scalp and gradually strengthens bulbs thus hair grows stronger and healthier. It comes in a plastic bottle. The application can be troublesome but you should be patient and get used to the exotic scent. You will discover your hair becomes beautiful, thicker and stronger (similarly to the bulbs). Thanks to oiling with Khadi hair oil, your hair gains good condition and looks. The product offers many natural hair oils, including sesame oil, castor oil, coconut oil, carrot seed oil, Indian herbs: brahmi and bhringraj. The choice of components guarantees successful hair oil treatment. It improves hair appearance and condition by strengthening, adding shine and softness.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil by Natura Siberica

natura siberica hairThis is a blend of a few natural oils that promotes hair growth, prevents premature hair loss and brings back the necessary balance to irritated scalp. Owing to the regular use, baby hair grows thicker, more shiny, healthy and stronger. This oil supplies hair bulbs and scalp with nutrients and stimulates microcirculation so as to help the natural substances reach deeper and encourage hair bulbs to work better.

Natura Siberica oil stimulates hair growth and reinforces hair bulbs. Also, it moisturizes and nourishes scalp. When used regularly, Buckthorn Seed Oil reinforces and rebuilds hair structure. As the name of the product says, its key ingredient is Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil (Hippophae Rhamnoides) which is a precious source of vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids. This oil is responsible for making hair elastic and protects the strands against the aggressive external factors.

NANOIL Argan Oil to boost hair, lashes and brows

argan oil nanoilJust one ingredient closed in a small bottle, yet it made a career in being a powerful hair growth boosting product. NANOIL Argan Oil is a pure and high quality oil that knows how to positively influence all hair types: it improves hair looks, increases hair volume, combats excessive hair loss and takes part in accelerating hair growth.

NANOIL Argan Oil is a multi-purpose cosmetic that can be used to take care of the entire body, not only hair, eyebrows or eyelashes. When applied regularly, NANOIL Argan Oil facilitates hair styling and makes the strands light, full of shine and strong. Moreover, scalp also takes benefit of being treated with natural argan oil. It becomes perfectly clean and stops producing too much sebum. It’s also worth mentioning that Argan Oil by NANOIL can be applied to nails, used to cleanse face and applied as a massage oil to reduce stretch marks. As mentioned above, NANOIL Argan Oil equals a really short list of ingredients, Ecocert label, immediate results and efficiency owing to which argan oil is constantly growing in popularity.

Davines Energizing Lotion – anti-hair loss ampoules

The action of Davines ampoules largely depends on a unique eucalyptus oil (moisturises the skin, controls sebum secretion, heals inflammation and speeds up the repair of hair bulbs) and common myrtle extract that has a direct influence on the condition of your scalp because it fights skin infections, toxins and bacteria. As a result, a clean and healthy scalp has strong bulbs that contribute to intensified hair growth. It is also worth mentioning that there is another ingredient responsible for hair growth boost. It is caffeine phytoceutical that increases blood flow under the skin thus stimulates hair bulbs. davines-natural-tech-energizing