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How to perform scalp massage with brahmi oil?

One week is enough for your hair to become healthier and more beautiful. How to achieve it? You just have to use one of magical Ayurveda herbs – brahmi. Scientific research confirm that this plant contains healing and conditioning properties. It is used as a panacea on diseases of old age, for improvement of memory and concentration, to eliminate stress and improve general condition of the organism. Equally good results brings treatment for hair and scalp.

Brahmi consists of numerous substances that take care of both scalp and hair. Among mentioned substances are: antioxidants, natural sun filters, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, tannin and polyphenol. Those are ingredients providing deep hair and scalp care. Thanks to them hair are stronger and less subjected to mechanical and chemical damages. Streaks preserve their natural colour for longer and ageing processes of scalp and hair (including grey hair) are inhibited. What is more, brahmi protects hair against harmful substances from external world. It will ensure hair and scalp with moisture, nourishment and regeneration. If you want effects to be visible sooner, you can perform scalp massage, which in Ayurveda is pretty common.

What benefits can have combination of massage and application of brahmi oil? Firstly, all ingredients contained in the cosmetic will faster penetrate hair bulbs and nourish better scalp and hair. Secondly, massage stimulates blood circulation and delivers all active substances directly to follicles. Thirdly, it relaxes and makes falling asleep easier. For improvement of results of treatment with this oil, you can add some other oils: almond, sesame, coconut, jasmine, lavender and rosemary.

How to perform scalp massage with brahmi oil? Heat cosmetic up till it achieve temperature that suits you. Small amount of oil pour on hand and apply on the entire hair length. Rub product in every streak, then proceed with scalp massage. You will need 15 ml/0.5 oz. of brahmi oil, i.e. about as much as one table spoon. Lower the head, so that the chin touches the chest and pour the content of spoon on the parting. Rub oil to the sides while still massaging. After some time lessen the pressure of fingers on the scalp and finish the treatment. Wrap hair in a towel, so that oil could absorb in scalp and hair and after about 20 minutes rinse it with delicate shampoo and water.

Because in Ayurveda massage improves condition of not only body, but also a spirit, you should take care of right climate. Turn on some calm music, burn some candles or joss stick. Right before the treatment take a deep breath and try to clear your mind. All of that will make the scalp massage extremely pleasurable experience and hair become healthy, strong and glossy.