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How to make your own brahmi oil?

Brahmi oil is one of many cosmetics for improvement of hair condition. The plant used for its extraction consists of numerous healing properties. There is no wonder that it deserved the title of the best conditioning cosmetic for hair. How to prepare this magical potion?

To make brahmi oil you will need following ingredients: two table spoons of powdered brahmi, one table spoon of powdered amla fruits, 100 ml/3.5 oz. of sesame oil, 30 ml/1.1 oz. of olive oil, 20 ml/0.7 oz. of castor oil and optional essential oils (five drops of chamomile and orange oil). All of that is going to be boiled over the water bath, so prepare additional pot and bowl. Pour small amount of water into the pot and in the bowl place sesame oil and powdered brahmi herbs and amla fruits. Mix ingredients thoroughly and boil slowly for two hours. When the potion cools down, place it in the clean container made of dark glass. Only now add the rest of ingredients. Made this way brahmi oil keep in cold and dark place.

If you have dry and very damaged hair, complement brahmi oil with olive oil, castor oil or sesame oil. However, if your hair and scalp are oily then add to the potion castor oil, sweet almonds oil or sunflower oil. Equally good results provides treatment with brahmi oil with addition of jojoba, coconut or avocado oil.

How should you apply brahmi oil? Before application heat up the cosmetic. You just have to place the packaging in the bowl with warm water. Oil will become more plastic and easier in application, it will absorb pretty fast in scalp and hair. However, if you battle the excess hair loss, do not heat up the product, just apply it right away.

Rub brahmi oil is scalp by simultaneously massaging it. Such treatment will boost blood circulation, improve absorption of nourishing ingredients and make you feel relaxed. The oil that is left on your fingers, rub in hair on their entire length, focusing the hair ends and dry streaks. The time dedicated for the treatment depends on hair length and the level of their damage. It is recommended to rinse cosmetic after about an hour; if it’s possible, you can leave brahmi oil on hair for the night. Next, hair and scalp need to be washed with shampoo with natural ingredients and without SLS.

Why is brahmi oil great for hair? It contains lots of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Those ingredients make her glossy, moisturised, soft in touch and their condition is visibly improved. However, the most important is that brahmi oil enhances hair growth, prevents hair loss and grey hair. Besides, brahmi oil protects hair against harmful influence of pollution, free radicals and sun radiation. It is because it has antioxidant and regenerative properties.