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Brahmi as a hair oil and a powdered mask.

Brahmi is one of Hindu herbs adopted in alternative medicine. It can be also recognized by one of its following nicknames: waterhyssop, herb of grace, bacopa mennieri, gotu kola (centella asiatica). It has little, white blossoms and leaves similar to thyme’s. What is more, Brahmi has plenty of extraordinary features and is able to, for example, boost concentration spam, slow down cancer processes, as well as condition scalp and hair.

Cosmetics containing Brahmi herb are available in two versions: oil and powder. Brahmi oil has green colour and sweet aroma. It can be applied to hair ends or rubbed into scalp right before hair washing. Systematic hair oiling procedure generates favourable outcomes as well. Equally positively work powdered herbs of Brahmi. They can be prepared by following a few recipes. The powdered plant has to be combined with rose water, henna, amla or other herbs and then applied to scalp (the mixture has to have a mask-like form). As a half of an hour passes, the mixture has to be thoroughly removed from the scalp (with water). Furthermore, we can also prepare Brahmi hair wash. The herbs have to be infused and strained afterwards. Hair can be rinsed with the liquid, once cooled down. Brahmi hair wash can be stored in a refrigerator for four days. Moreover, powdered Brahmi can be also combined with one’s favourite oil, or used for scalp massaging. What is important to realize, hair must be precisely shampooed after every session. Furthermore, Brahmi will also perform well as an oil. The herbs combined with either sesame or olive oil have to be wormed up. After two hours, the portion of herbs has to be replaced with fresh leaves, and after four hours the mixture has to be strained. In order to help the oil preserve its features for longer, we can mix it with a natural preservative like rosemary oil, for example.

Why Brahmi oil is so good for hair? Brahmi is one of the herbs that are used to improve condition of scalp and hair. It reinforces hair bulbs, stimulates baby hair growth, as well as counteracts excessive hair loss and premature greying. If we give our scalp a massage while applying the oil, we will contribute to noticeable blood circulation improvement. Basically, the nourishing substances will get absorbed faster as well. What is more, Brahmi oil smooths, moistures and adds shine to strands; it can also darken hair. Additionally, Brahmi can help with regenerating split ends and rebuilding dehydrated strands. It shields against free radicals and solar radiation.

Do you know that Brahmi is used in Ayurveda – the traditional Hindu medicine? Together with Bhringraj, Amla and Bali, Brahmi is considered as a holy plant. It is not difficult to realize, that its name is taken from Brahma, one of the most important gods in Hindu pantheon. Currently, Ayurveda is being enriched with elements of the present-day medicine and cosmetology. As a result, not only action of herbs is improved but also the effects of beautifying treatments are noticeably boosted.